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Achieve Your Dreams

This month promise yourself that you are unique in this world and you will make your life better in the next one year. Commit to yourself that you need to have a dream which will make you happy once you have achieved it. Remember if you don’t dream, you can never make your life a masterpiece. However, most of us just dream but never actually take real action to realize them. Only a few have the courage to ‘walk the talk’ and actually realize their dreams. If you have a dream you should have specific goals and resolutions, but many a times people do not attempt hard enough to achieve their goals may be due to internal or external factors. Don’t let your resolutions fall by the wayside. Chances are that to achieve your dreams and live a life you love, those goals and resolutions are crucial. Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you follow these steps which will surely help you achieve your


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Innovation Key to business success

Every now and then we keep hearing about great companies achieving major milestones and creating success after success, at the same point in time we also hear about companies struggling and sometimes even announcing closure of business. Not just small companies but even big giants struggle to compete and further sustain their business.

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Making Right Career Decisions

It’s sometimes a pity to see students, after graduating from schools, confusing themselves with anxiety and frustration as to which stream should they select at the upper levels. Often, pressures from friends and family members affect their own perceptions. Further, in a country like Nepal, we have the tendency that if the candidate is academically sound or has high scores in examinations, s/he will be pressed by her or his parents to either take up science or engineering, without even understanding what is the interest of the child in question.


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Personal Development Book

All inspiring creation is an outcome of immense and continuous support from great people and visionary organizations – same is the case with this self-help book. It is indeed important to mention that this book is a reflection of enormous hard work, dedication, sweat and enthusiasm that the team of LCCI Nepal has invested in. Similar to any new inventions, this book too underwent series of discussions, array of background studies, blending of commonality, deletion of differences, and most importantly, creation of a ‘Life Changing Experience’.

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